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  • Born: 1990 
  • Lives: Ann Arbor/Flint
  • Education: University of Michigan-Flint (BBA)
  • Hair: “Strawberry” Blonde.
  • Height: Let’s say 6′. On a good day.
  • Biggest phobia: Gorillas
  • Twitter: @LoganMcGrady

Career Highlights

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What movie scares you?PubTThou01

I can’t think of a movie that really creeps me out, but the old series The Twilight Zone terrified me as a kid. Specifically the episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. The protagonist (played by William Shatner), is flying after leaving a mental institution when he notices a gremlin on the wing of the plane. Of course, no one believes him and he finds himself back in an institution. Pretty heavy stuff for a young tyke. 

What’s your last meal?

A list like this could go on forever, so I’ll try to control myself. 10659189_10153351106606858_4233732935803306155_n

  • Appetizer: Fried calamari with a garlic aioli dipping sauce. 
  • Soup: Can I get away with pho here?
  • Main Course: Medium-rare beef strip filet with blue cheese crumble. Asparagus and onion rings.
  • Dessert: Rhubarb pie.
  • To drink: Bourbon and pickle juice.